Dave. Read This When You Upgrade Ghost

This post is really a message to myself in the future for the next time I try to upgrade Ghost.


You just tried to upgrade Ghost again and it’s not working, right?

Dude, what is your problem?

Let’s go through the checklist:

  1. Did you clear out the existing core directory before you copied the new one over? You know, like the upgrade instructions said you should? No? Well, try that one and redeploy.
  2. Still not working? Check the log stream when the app starts up using the Azure CLI. Here’s the command you want: azure site log tail [site-name]
  3. Odds are, there’s a crash that’s complaining about some npm dependency. Open up the Kudu Command Line at https://[site-name].scm.azurewebsites.net/DebugConsole, change into the wwwroot directory and run npm install --production. If you want, delete the node_modules directory in the web UI first and then reinstall the dependencies.

If it still doesn’t work after you’ve tried those things, well, you’re screwed. Figure it out on your own.