Back to Basics

Macbook Air on Table

Over a year ago, I took my blog in a new direction. Well, you know what they say… the only constant is change itself. That experiment ended a couple months after it began and I never quite shut it down.

Today, I’m back to what served me well in the past and with it, a new look and back-end. Notebook Heavy used to run on WordPress, but awhile back, the little blog engine that could, Ghost, got my attention. I’m still running everything in Azure but I scraped off the barnacles, and dove into Ghost wholesale, giving the sleek content room to breathe.

Gone is the side bar that used to contain ads and various links. The words have retaken the stage and I’m shining the spotlight at them for all to see. I had a fun, but complicated image process, but that’s gone too. Now, images are simple and un-gimmicky requiring a lot less overhead to produce.

As part of this change, I’ve removed comments. My biggest beef with comments is the way they jack up the weight of a web page, even if there are no comments to read. Ghost hands commenting functionality over to Disqus, but I’ve chosen not to enable it. If you’d like to comment on something I wrote, hit me up on Twitter @daveiffland

My schedule hasn’t left a lot of room for writing in the past 9 months and I want to reverse that writing drought. C#, ASP.NET, and Web API are still a big part of my professional life, but I branched out and now consider JavaScript, AngularJS, and Node.js to be my primary skill. I intend to write more about those subjects as well as iOS development (Swift and Xamarin).

So take a look around. Let me know what you think (on Twitter, of course).