One Year of Blogging: A Review

It’s my blog’s cake day! I’ve been blogging for one whole year. The first post was published on September 20, 2011 and it is brimming with caution. I thought I’d blog about a few different topics, some of which I did. But the blog certainly took its on its own direction. I needed an outlet for writing longer posts. It’s my anti-Twitter.

I don’t have as much caution now about my posts, for better or worse. I ended the anonymity and started writing under my own name instead of the pen name Ken Stone. I’ve posted around 70+ posts this year and hope to do at least that many next year.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything to say and that usually means that I’ve stopped pushing myself to try something new. Sometimes its just Writer’s Block. Sometimes I’m bored.

Here’s what happened this past year:

I reviewed Birchbox Man for 4 months I wrote some Windows Phone Apps I ran a 10K I bought a new phone I went to TechEd 2012 I bought a new computer I wrote some code I became a brand ambassador for SkyDrive I had another kid

More Blogging To Come

There’s a lot coming up in the next year so I’m super excited. Traffic has steadily grown and I expect that to continue.

In case you wondered, the most popular post I’ve had in the past year was How to Clean Up the Asus Zenbook Bloatware. People really don’t like the stuff that comes pre-installed. And good for them. It’s mostly useless.

So tell your friends. Share the link love. Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the feed. However you read, I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for reading.

Image Credit: Flickr User andrechinn