The 6 Things I Carry At TechEd 2012

This is the ninth time I’ll be attending TechEd¬†and what I carry around the conference center has changed from year to year. When I started going, I lugged a heavy laptop. Last year, I mostly went unencumbered. This year, my every day carry (EDC) looks like this:

ASUS Zenbook

I’m planning on blogging throughout the conference and the 13” Zenbook is a super lightweight Ultrabook that can handle the job with aplomb. I may have to get some work done as well, so this will allow me flexibility. It’s got Windows 8 Release Preview installed, but ever since I installed that, the fan’s been running non-stop. I don’t think the battery will last all day, so I’m forced to carry a charger as well. Take a look in the blogger areas and the alumni lounge between sessions and stop by to chat while I’m recharging.

iPad 2

The main reason I’m bringing the iPad is to create the sketchnotes I’m planning on doing. I originally planned on doing all the sketchnotes on paper, but after taking a look at the projected workflow, I decided the iPad would make things easier.

Cosmonaut Stylus

I don’t care what Steve Jobs says. To draw or take ink notes effectively on an iPad, you need a stylus. The cosmonaut is a fat boy that feels like using a dry erase marker. I’m using the app Paper to take the notes.

Nokia Lumia 900

Of course I’m going to have my cellphone with me. When the Wi-Fi gets overloaded at the conference center, being able to text my coworkers and family will keep me connected).

Timbuk2 D-Lux Race Stripe Laptop Messenger Bag

I know we always get a TechEd bag, but I’m not a fan of the backpack style¬†right now. I got this bag for Christmas a couple of years ago and its been my faithful companion since.

Moleskine Star Wars Large Notebook

I prefer to take notes and sketch ideas on paper, so I won’t leave the hotel without this little notebook. I usually carry two different ones for different purposes. Both Star Wars, though.