Ghosts of TechEd Past -- 2006

Boston, Massachusetts

I missed TechEd 2005 in Orlando, so we skip forward to 2006. The show moved north to Boston and hasn’t been back. The city was still in the midst of its “Big Dig” project and as such there were a few more challenges with respect to transportation. Then again, I didn’t even know who they named the Ted Williams Tunnel after, but I used it at least twice a day in the shuttle buses. We enjoyed some great food down by the waterfront and strolled through the tourist areas. I had a great time and hope the show returns to Boston someday.


The computer geek, Chloe, from the TV show 24 came on stage for the keynote to keep the crowd entertained. Her real name is Mary Lynn Rajskub, but I know her better as blind Brenda in Road Trip. She did some awkward back and forth with Bob Muglia a few times and she made us laugh. Microsoft made a video called 4 that was a spin on 24 about IT pros in their day-to-day lives. None of the TechEd videos compare to the Bill Gates Retirement Video.

Data Dude

If there’s one product that made a significant change in the way I deal with databases it was Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. That’s a lengthy product name and it was warmly called “Data Dude” by many. Down in the Microsoft technology areas, they were handing out discs with the CTP on it and my workstations have never been without it.

Who Took My Phone?

A few minutes after one of the sessions, I realized I didn’t have my phone. I went back to the room I was in and asked the kids that monitor the rooms if anyone had turned it in. They didn’t have it but eventually got me in touch with the guy in charge of the hired security group. It marks the first time I’ve been “behind-the-scenes” of TechEd as he walked me through the hidden passageways of the conference center. He vowed to find my phone, but it took him a day to do so.

The next day, he phoned me and told me that someone who worked for him had found it, but took it home for safe keeping. Riiiiiiighht. I have a feeling the guy who took it didn’t work there the next day. Either way, I had my phone and it didn’t seem that much activity had occurred on it without me.

A Train of Sam Adams

The attendee party was at famed Fenway Park. We had the place to ourselves with the usual free food and drinks. My group took a short trip down to the field where people got their pictures taken in the dirt. Some people were really emotional about being on the field. Our next choice was to either go check out the green monster or find beer. Guess which we did?

We found a willing bartender high above the stadium in an enclosed area (I’m pretty sure it was the EMC club) and just sat there to drink what he gave us. No doubt it was Sam Adams. Our third roommate ended up puking that night, so I guess it was a good party. The band Train performed on the first base line and we watched bits of it on the TV monitors at the bar. I guess it was a better show than Jessica Simpson. When are they gonna bring in Foo Fighters or Deadmau5?

This is the fifth in a series of posts taking a look back at TechEd in the past 12 years. At least, of the ones I attended.

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