Ghosts of TechEd Past - 2001

TechEd Virgin

My first TechEd, Atlanta in 2001, was the first of many to come. I’ve been to 8 so far, (not including 2012) and this was my first. I’ll always remember her. The venue was the Georgia World Conference Center and I noticed immediately how I hated people calling it “Hotlanta”. But, yeah, it was hot. The day 2 keynote speaker was Bill Gates (honestly, nobody cares about the Day 1 Keynote, Paul Flessner). I found it amusing that before he spoke there was an announcement that said photos of Bill would only be allowed for the first 60 seconds. After that, the room monitors would tell people not to take photos or videos. Not sure how that would work with today’s cell phones.

New Technology

This year was the 10th birthday (as they called it) of Visual Basic. But c’mon, it’s VB. No matter how hard they tried, I could not get excited about it. Microsoft released .NET Beta 2. The original. I had played with .NET since I got beta bits at the PDC in 2000, but this was an exciting time. Visual Studio.NET was our new tool to play with and there was a GoLive license for ASP.NET. I hadn’t yet grokked how ASP.NET was different from ASP.

There was a lot of SOAP (it was Simple, right!?) and they gave us a way to discover web services using UDDI. Did anyone ever use that? I saw Don Box speak for the first time. I remember watching a session where he used notepad to do all the work. Even the “slide notes” were in notepad. I tried it once in a presentation I gave back at home. It didn’t work.

Don’t Get Mugged

The party was in the Georgia Dome with musical guests Tower of Power and Paul Rodgers. I liked Tower of Power as I’ve played What is Hip? in marching band a million times or so. Honestly, I had no idea who Paul Rodgers was (and still don’t, really), but the free food and beer can smooth out most attendee party rough spots. I remember our group getting a bit rowdy in the hotel after the party where we had set up an Unreal Tournament network. Allegedly, a member of our group went out that night and got mugged. Good times.

I enjoyed my first of many TechEds. TechEd was different from the other conferences I’d been to (PDC, MEC) in that there were a lot of IT guys around in addition to my crowd of developers. What memories of TechEd 2001 do you have?

This is the first in a series of posts taking a look back at TechEd in the past 12 years. At least, of the ones I attended.

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