Do They Like Me?

Pretty Pink & Green Love Heart free Creative Commons

The app is submitted. Now I wait. And wait.

It’s like asking a girl out for a date, but not getting a response for 5 days. Easily rife with anxiety. Do they like me? Was there something wrong with what I said? Will I need to ask again? At least with a girl, you typically know right away if it’s a go or not. Except when they call later to cancel. Not that I’ve ever had that happen to me. Betsy.

The first time I submitted an app I was really excited for the experience. Alas, a few days later, I was rejected. Not once, but twice. In those cases, it was for the best and a good learning experience. For my second app, my submission went through with no trouble. That, however, was a very simple application with almost no moving parts, so a rejection would have been hard pressed. The app I just submitted is certainly more complex than any one I’ve done before but it has an underlying simplicity that will hopefully keep it from getting caught up in any testing traps.

At the same time, if the approval folks can find something wrong with it, I’m all for it. Better them find it than my customers whom I’m asking to pay for this app. Mango just started rolling out today, so I consider my app delivery close, but a little late. A week ago might have been much better as I could choose my own app delivery destiny to coincide with Mango’s rollout. Then again, not all people will be getting Mango today, so I might still be in luck with the launch. This all goes out the window if I get a rejection back. But thankfully, a rejection comes with an explanation giving me a clear path to fixing the problem.

Image credit: D Sharon Pruitt