Getting Ready to Ship

I’m not sure how long it has been since I started writing the app I’m about to publish. I wanted to make sure the app was ready to go by the time Mango rolled out to phones and we’re just at that point, so the timing worked out almost perfectly. I submitted to the marketplace tonight and hope there are no subtle issues in my app that will delay certification.

I could have shipped a few weeks back, but somewhere in the middle I decided to throw out the UI that I had worked so hard on. I did a lot of graphic design work and had a few tricks up my sleeve to provide an interesting experience. I struggled with making something unique and interesting, but still a metro experience. But I decided that the UI didn’t fit the type of user I was targeting with this app: I had veered too far away from metro. So, I tossed what I had and redesigned it and this time the metro experience had been maintained. Since I adhered to the MVVM pattern using MVVM Light, switching the UI wasn’t that big of a problem. I had some new graphical elements and those took some time, but the logic was done. In fact, I threw out a lot of code for the new UI. Less code, less bugs.

Getting the performance up required a few more changes but I think the changes are for the best. I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and it’s a solid piece of work. I’ve learned much this time around and I’m a proud papa. I have 5 apps in total with 3 distinct ideas (some are paid vs. free versions) and this is the best so far. It’s a great stepping stone to whatever is next.