Not Tumblr

Here’s the truth: before I started this blog, I started a tumblr. The tumblr is nice and I’m still going to use it for certain things (maybe). It’s just that most folks there seem to be content curators, not necessarily content creators. When I started it, I had in mind being a content creator. But as the weeks went on, I felt more out-of-place with “long form” posts (and they’re not very long). I realized that what I really wanted what something more standalone where I could write extended posts about whatever I wanted. Inevitably, what I wanted to write about was not the specific topic I decided on for the tumblr.

The tumblr isn’t the first blog I’ve had either. I had one at least 4 years ago that I shut down because of trolls and lack of interest. Unfortunately, I am still related to one troll in particular, so I’m going to stay semi-anonymous as long as I can. For now, I expect this blog to be a little random until I find the voice. Here’s are topics I expect to see:

  • Programming (Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, .NET, etc.)
  • Graphic Design
  • Menswear
  • Golf
  • T-Shirts
  • Etc.
By definition, some of this will be narcissistic, and that’s okay. Hopefully, though, you’ll find a post that helps you do something, or at a minimum, interests you for a┬áminute or two. I’m doing it for me and that’s what matters.

Its easy enough to just not create a blog and I’ve done that. There’s twitter and I do that too (see the sidebar). I’ve quit Facebook for the same reason I quit the original blog. But I need to work on my writing and I’m looking for a place to put some content so I can get it out of my head. I need a place to shill my wares, whether those wares are virtual or physical.

Despite the title of the blog, I hope this will be whimsical and easy-going. Dare I say delightful? That’s who I am underneath the veneers. So let’s see how it goes.